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What Is A Vehicle Wrap

A vehicle wrap starts as a large sheet of adhesive backed vinyl that has been specifically designed for vehicles.  The vinyl is made with many varieties ranging in style, finish and colors from matte, satin (gloss), chrome, “carbon fiber” look, and more.  The most common reasons to wrap a vehicle are:

  1. Full color change of a vehicle (options: matte, satin, chrome, “carbon fiber” and more

  2. Digitally printed design for graphics, photo and business branding needs

  3. Accents can include a design on the running board or wrapping the hood, trim, roof, truck and spoiler for added effect

 Recently with all the advancements in the industry vinyl textures have been added to the market! Now allowing Beach House Graphics to wrap your ride with a textures like leather, animal skin (snake, alligator, etc.) or even holographic & 3D films.

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